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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the search for a kidnapper. the man hunt intensifies for the person who sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl. a grave crime. family members want answers after another case of vandalism at a jewish cemetery.
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protesting the air strikes. local members of the syrian community oppose president trump's actions. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. i got up and started screaming at him. i said, leave those girls alone! >> a young child witnesses a horrific crime. she was there when a 4-year-old girl was snatched right off her own street. tonight, police say finding the kidnapper is their top priority. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the girl was found safe. today, we learned she was sexually assaulted. >> police have been scouring for clues at the victim's neighborhood on sugar plum court and banning park where she was found. >> we're life in the park with me details on the search for this attacker. police call this guy a monster. >> and the fbi is now assisting local police on this case. as authorities are warning
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parents to be vigilant about their children playing outside. the suspect still on the loose tonight. police say he left the girl here at banning park by herself after the abduction. tonight, witnesses tell us what they saw. >> reporter: newcastle county police go door to door in the plum run neighborhood looking for any surveillance video. >> see if they saw anything or heard anything. >> reporter: detectives hunting for clues, including these tire tracks. >> his hair was like a dark black color. i guess he dyed it because it didn't look natural. >> reporter: children here saw it happen. witnesses say the man pulled up in a dark sedan with tinted windows as kids played outside and started talking with the young girl. >> i saw him wave his hand to get in the car. snatched one of them and started chasing after the car. i said, leave those girls alone. >> the person approached the little girl and said he had something for her mommy. like a note for her mommy.
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she went to get it from him and he grabbed her. >> reporter: police found the child two hours later miles away walking alone in this park. authorities say she was sexually assaulted. >> i think what we have is a monster who was riding around, looking for an opportunity. >> reporter: now, a warning for parents in delaware. >> i want you to be vigilant. when kids are playing outside, make sure an adult is supervising. has eyes on the kids. >> in this part of delaware, they've seen a string of kidnappings recently. right now, no indication this case is connected to those ovthr things. the methods of operation are different in these, including the ages of the victims. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. another jewish secretary has been vandalized, this time in del awa delaware county. this was in mount sharon in springfield.
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she saw 30 toppled headstones while visiting her father's grave this afternoon. police are investigating. in february, about 100 headstones were vandalized at a jewish secretary. the community worked together to clean up the damage. police still haven't made any arrests. new at 11:00, air strikes in syria led to protests here at home. members of the syrian community in allentown organized this rally tonight. >> now, we're getting our first look at the damage from those air strikes. the u.s. military releasing these satellite images today. they're from the air base that was hit by dozens of tomahawk missiles. >> the response to the air strikes is still unfolding. russia called them an act of aggression and denied syria's president had anything to do with the chemical attack that president trump used as justifications for the air strikes. still, the administration said more sanctions will be put on syria, but they would not say if more military action would be taken. and the impact of the air
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strikes has already stretched far beyond syria itself. >> drew smith shows how the syrian community from this area is divided. >> allentown has one of america's largest syrian populations. they've got a restaurant named for the capital of the country. the community here came out to strongly condemn the u.s. air strikes. >> today, we say, war no more. >> reporter: it's personal for these people. >> you have family in syria. we have friends, neighbors being killed six years now. the whole world is watching. >> war no more. >> reporter: they assembled on a street corner armed with a message. >> it's unbelievable. that's what we stand against, the action from president trump. it was irrational, without thinking. >> reporter: the community here is largely christian and they make it no secret they support president bashar al assad.
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>> hands up everywhere. >> reporter: you can see his face on some of the flags. most of them also voted for and supported the american president. something changed when he chose to launch these missiles. >> i supported candidate trump. he promised a lot but he is not doing what he promised. >> reporter: some drivers honked in support, but others are puzzled by the loyalty to assad. >> somebody had to do something. you know, the man is killing his own people. i don't understand why everybody is so mad. >> reporter: there is one common thought out here. that the end goal must be peace in syria. >> we can't just keep, you know, engaging in one war after another. >> reporter: some of the protesters conceded it is a complicated situation in their native land, but they don't think what the u.s. did on thursday will help at all. in allentown, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. while questions over syria continue to escalate, another foreign policy decision is looming on the korean peninsula.
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now, nbc news learned exclusive details about top secret military options presented to the president. the national security council offered three scenarios should diplomacy fail. one, placing nuclear weapons in south korea. that would be an aggressive show of force. two, target and kill north korea's leader, kim jong-un and other senior leaders in charge of their weapons program. three, covert action. this would involve special forces infiltrating north korea to sabotage key infrastructure. all three options present concerns and challenges. experts say they need to be considered. >> it is mandatory to present the widest possible array of options. that enables presidents to make the right decisions, when they see all the options on the table in front of them. >> right now, president trump is working on the diplomatic angle. it's been a big topic during his topics with the president of china. in delaware, the state department of health is reminding you to get your flu
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shot after three more people have died. one of the men who died had no pre-existing conditions. so far this flu season, 14 people died in delaware, double the amount from last year. flu season can last until may. new video tonight. philadelphia firefighters rescued a man whose home was collapsing inside. crews say leaking water might be to blame. they got the call around 5:00 this evening. firefighters took him out through that window. strapped him to a stretcher and down a ladder safely to the street. lehigh university says action needs to be taken before one of its students ends up dead. the school says they have had four close calls with alcohol poisoning in the last two months. they're bringing more police officers on campus to strictly enforce the law. in a letter to students, the school's leadership wrote, we know that this news may not be received warmly by some students, however, it is imperative that we act to prevent a senseless death of one of our own.
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after an unprecedent eed se neil gorsuch was confirmed to the supreme court. the republicans used the nuclear option, changing senate rules to get this done. gorsuch will be sworn in on monday. he'll hear the final 13 cases of this supreme court term, tackling issues like religious freedom and gun rights. right now, sweden is in a state of shock after a hijacked beer truck plowed into pedestrians in the country's capital. this video shows police arresting someone after the deadly attack. but there's also this picture police released of someone they say they want to talk to in connection to the attack. they won't confirm that the man who was arrested is the man in this picture. someone slammed a truck into the side of a store in stockholm around 3:00 in the afternoon swedish time. four people were killed. 15 injured. back here at home, a school was closed today after legionella bacteria was found in the water.
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the bacteria found in a routine test of the water systems. the health department closed the school as a precaution and is working to eliminate the bacteria. the stage is being set for the nfl draft, and the city says, don't expect this to be like the pope's visit. businesses are encouraged to stay open as opposed to when the pope came and nearly everything shut down. one thing that might have an impact on you, road closures. some are in place through may. find the list on the nbc 10 app. the draft is a three-day festival starting april 27th on the parkway. 200,000 people are expected to attend. baseball is back. >> phillies fans didn't seem to mind today's chilly temperatures for the game. >> go, go! >> some carried in umbrellas. others took advantage of today's give away, the winter hat right there. the wind and rain didn't keep fans from cheer ong their team. some of you stayed dry by
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watching the game right here on nbc 10. if you stayed for the game until the end, you saw a pretty good comeback. but the phils came up just short. a fight over football turned violent. sports fan s duke it out in the parking lot of a new jersey taven. >> we had a victim unconscious, bleeding from the head. >> the football fan fight turned ugly and got a father and son in trouble with the law. and joe biden is back on campus. the message for students at his alma mater. and what he thinks of president trump's accusations against the obama administration. also, don't like negotiating? meet the people who will fight for you and save you a lot of cash, too. still windy out there. and it is cold. the weekend does get a little warmer. then it is going to feel like
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summer. when first alert forecast is next.
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eagles, steelers, cowboys, fans of those teams certainly don't get along. last night, the rivalry went too far. two people ended up in the hospital after a fight over football. >> nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter shows us how an argument in a bar escalated right into the parking lot. >> inside joe's tavern, police say a father and son teamed up against another patron. the prabrawl apparently over whs better on the ball field, the steelers or eagles. the father and son threw punches at a 25-year-old victim. 911 calls rang into winslow police. >> we need an ambulance as soon as possible. >> okay. do we know if he is breathing? >> he is breathing. he is just bleeding. >> we had a victim that was
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unconscious, bleeding from the head in the parking lot, along with another victim who had a swollen nose. >> reporter: both were rushed to the hospital, and police tracked down the father and son at a nearby home. >> at that residence, they met with the two suspects who were covered in blood at the time, fresh blood on their body. >> makes everyone look bad. >> reporter: loyal phillies sports fans are outraged a fight over football turned vicious. >> i like the phillies. my girlfriend likes the pirates. i don't beat her up or anything like that. >> reporter: we spoke to the tavern owner and he said he was trying to break up the fight and hurt. the entire thing was on surveillance video but investigators aren't ready to release the footage. >> god forbid anybody pass away during a fistfight. there is a possible chance of a murder charge coming. >> reporter: police believe the victim with facial fractures will recover. the petty argument turning violent should be a respiender. >> -- reminder.
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>> it is a sports game. whether the team wins or loses has no effect on our personal lives at all. >> nbc 10 news. back on campus, former vice president joe biden thrilled the crowd of students at the university of delaware. his message, spread the word about the biden institute at his alma mater. it is a new research and policy center focused on issues like economic reform, criminal justice and civil rights. mr. biden steered clear of talking party politics with the students. but nbc 10 asked biden point-blank about some accusations from the current president. >> what about president trump's remarks blaming the chemical warfare this week on the obama administration? >> classic trump. >> biden told students he's confident they will find answers to our country's problems, and the biden institute will be a place where the solutions are born. take a look at this.
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current and former paralysis patients walking for a cause. it is part of the annual walk it out fundraiser. the 24-hour event began at 4:00 this afternoon at mcgee river front. money raised will help victims of paralysis. turning points for children. the kids at heart gala at the franklin institute tonight. turning points is a local agency geared toward ending child abuse. tonight's event was hosted by nbc 10's own keith jones right there. now to your first alert weather. some people taking a stroll here on main street. a bit capitol hilly right now but we're going to warm up in a big way. >> the team has all the details tonight. let's get with meteorologist tammy souza, live outside of the studios. doesn't feel spring like right now. >> no. jim, jackie, glen, i'm invited you all to come out here with me
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on the plaza. it is chilly. i got the short straw. or maybe the long straw. i get to tell you how cold it was be tonight before glen tells you how warm it'll be. part of the problem is the wind gusts out there. we've had breezy wind gusts all day long. many didn't thaw out until this afternoon because it felt like it was in the 30s and 40s. 33-mile-per-hour winds in philadelphia. atlantic city, 31. wilmington, 29. you get the idea. it is breezy out there, and it is contributing to the feels like. the actual air temperature, mt. pocono is 30 right now. philly, 43. atlantic city, 43. here's what it is going to feel like for the remainder of the night. starting with feels like in the 30s. but this is why it is so chilly out here. tomorrow morning it is going to feel like 22 in trenton. 31 in doylestown. philly, feels like 23 with a 27 in avalon. glen, i'm going to buy you a
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gift of a wool bow tie? then i'm sure you'll come out here with me. you'll be nice and warm, right? >> no, no, no. new person has to start outside when it is cold. wait until it gets to the 100 in the summer. >> oh, thank you so much. i'm looking forward to that, too. >> that's right. can't report on the weather without experiencing it, right? been there, done that. here we go. the wind is just still howling out there. these are the wind turbines at lincoln financial field. spinning around like crazy. as tammie showed you, it is still plenty windy out there. the high temperature during the afternoon today, only 29 degrees. the average is 61. we're going up to 58 tomorrow. then 66 sunday. 80 degrees on monday. we told you about that about a week ago, before the computer models were suggesting that. the radar is finally showing that the rain is up into new
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england. still have some clouds around, but they're starting to break up. expect a lot of sunshine tomorrow. that's the forecast here. most places getting into the 50s instead of the 40s.h tacony, 59. 10 to 20 winds gusting to 30 at least. delaware at 60 degrees. the weekend overall, well, okay, we just showed you the cold. sunny day tomorrow. it's sunny and a whole lot warmer on sunday with less wind, too. that's a beauty. here's a beauty, too, glen. peeps. popular treat this time of year. who knew they could also be used as art? we'll show you more of the sweet creations next.
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feast your eyes on this. the tast tasty tradition is bac maryland. 150 marshmallow made characters. there is a peep gumby. peep dragon. the show runs through april 19th. they're made by the company in bethlehem. >> amazing. >> really good stuff. family ace cross the country are finding a new way to save in a big way. >> you can if you're willing to give up a cut of the savings. bill sharks. professional negotiators who help you get the best deal. the only catch? they take 40% of the savings they win for you. might be worth the cost. one family said the bill sharks saved them $2300. that's not lunch money, danny. not at all. let's figure it out for ourselves. i'm danny pommells. good to see you. the u.s. women's hockey team in another showdown with canada in the gold medal match of the
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world cup. baseball is back. the phillies stage a late rally. that's next. >> announcer: this portion of nbc 10 news is sponsored by the virtua replacement institute.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 will change how you experience tv. >> good to see you gone. i'm danny pommells. the file lease struggled in homeowners since moving to citizens bank park with three wins in 13 games. hosting the nationals in south philly. top of the first, harper comes a calling. with a runner on, takes velazquez up and out to right. four runs in four innings for velazqu velazquez. former phil, worth, steps to the dish and tattoos a rodriguez offering. that's a three-run shot.
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7-0, nationals. the phillies come back like some bad tuna. bottom nine, 7-4. galvis with a runner on, up and out. one-run game. herrera trying to play hero. a hero is just a sandwich. grounds out to end it. john clark has more. >> the start for velazquez was a lot like last year. ten strikeouts. but he only pitched four innings. gave up the four runs and the two two-run homers. like last year, had a trouble pitching deep into games. >> i went deeper into the game, anything could happen. but, you know, i give my guys credit at the end for battling the way they did. lack of performance on my end. i have to work on that. >> the phillies fought back but, in the end, their 4, 5, 6 hitters haven't gotten going yet. in the first four games, they are a combined 3 for 39. >> they all have their issues,
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but they're not as bad as their numbers indicate right now. it'll all come around. you know, they'll get to a point where they're more comfortable. >> we have to just forget the day and continue to get ready and come back tomorrow and try to do everything we can do. >> the phillies lost six straight home openers. they have lost 13 of 14 to the nationals. at citizens bank park, john clark, csn. usa and canada playing for the women's world championship. goes to overtime. american, hilary knight, does the honors with the golden goal. the americans win the fourth straight championship, 3-2. i'm danny pommells from csn. we'll be right back.
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grad we brought you inside to warm up. >> thank you so much. it was cold out there. >> we won't let you go out monday because it'll be too nice. monday and tuesday, 80 plus. how about that? the weather for today's phillies game stunk but look at the rest of the home stands, beautiful. >> live at the beach monday. >> let tammie go outside. have a great weekend. >> i want to be flree. >> night. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're watching trump news network. this is tnn. thank me. thank me. thank me very much. welcome to tnn, the trump news network, your source for real news. not fake news. [ light laughter ]


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